Chiropractic Physicians at Biltmore Park & Dr. Michael Masterman now offering digital X-ray imaging in Biltmore Park, South Asheville

Chiropractic Physicians at Biltmore Park in South Asheville is one of the few Asheville offices to now offer digital X-Ray in their chiropractic practice.

Asheville, NC, December 5, 2012 — Dr. Michael Masterman, D.C., owner and primary chiropractor of Biltmore Park Chiropractic has always held the motto; “cutting edge technology for optimal patient care”. Now, they are truly bringing that to life with their newest technological advancement of Pinnacle Digital X-Ray equipment; making them one of the few elite offices in the Asheville area to acquire such advanced technology.
The cutting edge Pinnacle digital x-ray machine allows for superior image resolution which helps Dr. Masterman to detect problems that may have remained unseen by traditional x-ray systems. The incredible speed of the image taking allows for a quicker diagnosis so that patients are able to begin treatment plans much sooner.
This is also great news for patients who require the care of specialists. The digital x-rays taken may now be burned onto a disk before the patient leaves the office to allow for easy record keeping and transport to other physicians who may need to view the x-rays. The wait time at the office is decreased because the efficiency of the updated technology allows for a smoother patient flow, and more “one-on-one” time for patients to have with Dr. Masterman who is always trying to improve the quality of service for patient care.
The top three benefits of going digital:
1. It is fast and takes seconds. The speed of transfer from x-ray machine to computer is immediate. There is no bulky film. It is replaced by a digital file that can be burned to a CD for review by other specialists or your primary care doctor.
2. It is greener for the environment. There are no chemicals to process at all and much less radiation is used to produce an image verses traditional radiography.
3. You can easily discover the root of your pain. Digital x-ray can provide a record of your spine and joints. It can locate fractures and other signs of trauma or degeneration. Digital x-ray will help you better understand your condition.
Now is the time to take a look from the inside out. Come out of the dark and discover the underlying source of your pain or concern. Allow Dr. Masterman to arm you with the knowledge you will need to move forward to optimal health.
To schedule a consultation or appointment, call (828) 209-1900. No prescription is necessary. Your image will be interpreted onsite. Our digital x-ray department is open to patients as well as non-patients of the practice. Chiropractic Physicians at Biltmore Park is located in Biltmore Park Town Square above Brixx Restaurant.