Understanding the Potential of High Powered Class IV K-Laser Therapy DSC_6727

The Powerful Therapeutic Benefits of K-Laser therapy in treating muscles, ligaments, tendons and even bones:

  1. Reduced inflammation.
  2. Decreased pain.
  3. Enhanced tissue healing.

It turns out that High Powered Class IV K-Lasers is a highly effective form of therapy for treating all kinds of medical conditions. These three powerful benefits are reason enough to consider K-Laser therapy.

So what could that mean for you? Let’s take a look.

What is laser therapy good for treating?

Since we implemented the K-Laser in our practice, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of the K-Laser—and especially with the relief and healing it can provide to new, acute, and painful injuries as well as many chronic conditions. Some of the more common conditions we have treated and received excellent results are:

  • – Chronic lower back pain
  • – Neck pain and headachesklaser
  • – Herniated and bulged discs
  • – Plantar fasciitis
  • – Most shoulder conditions
  • – Most knee issues
  • – Degenerative conditions and arthritis
  • – Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • – Sprains, strains and fractures

In using laser therapy on our patients, we’ve found that it’s often surprisingly effective at easing typical symptoms associated with neck, back and extremity injuries, as well as degenerative and arthritic conditions. Our patients have been very satisfied at the K-Laser’s effectiveness. For example, we have a patient who suffers from severe knee degeneration, and we’ve noticed that the knee joint is noticeably looser and more mobile with less to no pain after K-Laser therapy. This patient was scheduled for a total knee replacement. After 6 treatments of K-Laser, he canceled his surgery and hopes to put it off as long as he can.

How does it help and how long does it take?

At a high level, the K-Laser does a couple of key things to help speed healing and reduce pain:

  • Increases the oxygenation in damaged tissues by inducing hemoglobin (the oxygen carrying molecule in red blood cells) to drop off faster and more frequently wherever the laser is applied.
  • Increases energy (ATP) production in damaged tissues by speeding up the cellular mechanisms that make energy.

The benefits of increased oxygenation and energy production can include markedly reduced swelling and pain, and faster healing times. And only about five to ten minutes of painless, non-invasive treatment is needed during any given visit. Each treatment protocol is customized to the specific diagnosis and condition.

One of the main reasons we acquired a new Class IV High Powered K-Laser is that it gives us even more options for addressing difficult-to-treat conditions where pain often limits what can be done during any given visit. We’ve found that a K-Laser treatment often provides immediate pain relief that allows us to continue with more aggressive and effective treatments for issues such as chronic tendinitis and even frozen shoulders, which are very hard to get to relax.

What are the side effects/is it dangerous?Laser Cells

Class IV High Powered K-Laser treatment is extremely safe when handled by a trained professional. It is important to avoid certain areas in your body, such as your eyes and thyroid glands, but laser therapy can be used over most areas of the body, including over metal implants, broken skin and acute injuries. Each treatment is painless. Some of our patients tell us that the area being treated feels warmer, and they generally talk about how much better they feel after a treatment. We almost always see a significant before-and-after difference with tight muscles and pain that we treat. With a drug free, surgery free option that has a very high success rate, it is certainly worth a try for a lot of a lot of conditions.

Find out for yourself

Does it sound like our new K-Laser could help speed relief and healing of your injury, pain or chronic condition? Have you tried everything else including drugs, corticosteroid injections, physical therapy, etc? If so and you want to find out more, we’d be happy to set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation and answer any questions you may have. Call K-Laser Pain Management of Asheville today at (828) 676-1326.

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